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College Students

What is Peer Group Connection?

Peer Group Connection (PGC) trains older students to help freshmen make a successful transition into high school. 

Group Meeting

Program Overview

Throughout the year, PGC peer leaders will work in co-leader pairs as group discussion leaders and positive role models for their younger peers. During weekly sessions, peer leaders will lead discussions and activities with the same small group of freshmen. Our goal is to help freshmen feel welcomed into the high school and develop the skills they need to handle everyday challenges

Group Seflie

How does it work?

Peer leaders are trained in teambuilding, group facilitation, problem-solving, decision-making, and communication skills. In addition, peer leaders will learn about specific content areas, including time management, academic pressures, relationships with family and friends, alcohol and other drugs, and other topics.


PGC peer leaders are required to participate in an overnight weekend retreat, to attend all classes as scheduled, and to facilitate weekly discussions with freshmen throughout the year.

Group of Friends

What does it require?

• Take a year-long leadership course and receive course credit

• Facilitate weekly discussions and activities with freshmen

• Serve as positive role models throughout the school

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